Wednesday, December 2, 2009

congrats! to the howler family!

the new baby monkey arrived yesterday! i got the news en route to the zoo today, as a friend texted me after seeing the tweet announce! i didn't even hear mama diamond was pregnant til last weekend, so this was super unexpected. most of the time i was there trying to catch a glimpse, the whole family was snuggled together keeping the baby warm, so it was impossible ;( hope i get to see it soon! i was able to see baby baya (aka lincecum) the day she was born, last thanksgiving day. speaking of, it doesn't seem like baya wants to pass the baby baton just yet. she was trying to get mom's attention today and they got in a bit of a rumble. i don't think she gets there's a new baby. poor little baya. hopefully she adjusts soon. congrats again to mama and papa (bosco) and big sisters lupe and baya! ... baby is four days old and i finally got pix! if only i had a lens that diffused fencing, but still very sweet moments captured. diamond came right up in front of me to get the cold days sun, and baby was clinging to her chest. you can't see baby's face, but it resting on mama's chest is adorable. then big sis one year old, baya came over and was fussing with mama, saying "but i'm the baby", she finally settled down and sat quietly with mama and baby and this pic captures her kissing the baby's head (enlarge and you can see her tongue on the baby's head! so precious!) and mama with her hand on baya's, comforting her and reassuring that she's still her baby too. it was all very heartwarming. .


  1. I hope to see the new baby this weekend!! Thanks for the update!! I had a feeling Baya wouldn't be ready to share mom with a new baby, I've seen her and Lupe "picking on" mom (or so it seems). Congrats to Diamond and Bosco!! :)

  2. It was very precious seeing Diamond and her new baby.... absolutely precious faces on these howlers....Bosco was "hmmmmmmmmm"...Lupe was just hanging close in the sun and Baya...well, it's tough being the older baby !!! Mom and baby PRECIOUS...CONGRATS BOSCO AND DIAMOND!!!!

  3. thankx to you divanica for texting me the news! ... baby is beyond cute as seen in my recent screen caps! has a different look than baya, i wonder if its a boy? not sure how sson or even how they sex the babies. will ask next time i see a primate keeper.