Wednesday, December 23, 2009

snowing in san francisco?!

it did for andy and pike, the two polar bear companions! monday the san francisco ice company once again gave a generous donation to the zoo. they donated enough ice to spray the girls grotto with snow! i wasn't able to go on monday morning and attempts by phone to the zoo to confirm whether there was still snow on tuesday were useless, BUT i went out there this morning and there was still a good patch of snow and i got some great video footage of pike making snow bear angels (thankx susan for this tag!)! she seemed more interested in the snow, although maybe andy had her fill over the past two days. ... when i first got there neither was in the snow, so i said hi to them and then asked them to go play in the snow so i can first hand witness the beauty of it. after a few minutes pike went over and then andy followed. then what followed is my money shot of the day, the two of them rubbing their faces together! soooo cute! then andy walked off and went to take a nap! pike commenced to really getting her groove on in the snow! it was a beautiful sight to see her having so much fun and just really loving the feel of it. i could watch her play like this all day long. after she was done, i went and said hello to the other bear friends and came back three more times over two hours. each time i was able to watch her play some more. rolling her whole body in it, feet up in the air! rubbing her face in it with her eyes closed and a huge smile! it was joyful! i am so glad i got to see then experience this. if i won the lotto, i'd buy them a snow machine.

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