Wednesday, December 30, 2009

kimani update

after 4 unsuccessful attempts to get info via email from the tautphaus park zoo where kimani went to, i called them. the gal said "they do not give out info on the animals?!?!?" but i got some info on kimani (and sukari-see new lioness in the house post for update) ... kimani was just out of quarantine (odd since she left us on nov 18th and our quarantine is 30 days. anyway, today was her first day on exhibit and "everything is fine." i was hoping to get a bit more than that and try for another update at a later time, but i don't think that's going to happen. hopefully they will communicate with the keepers at the sfzoo periodically so her fans can monitor her progress and take joy in any offspring news! ... she has yet to see her new beau who is sukari's former husband, a younger male named dahoma. ... i have made a contact via flickr with a gal who's hometown zoo is the t-park and next time she makes a visit she said she will get pix for me (and you!). thankx denise! ... i hope kimani is happy in her new home and has many cute babies with dahoma! ... update 12.31.09 added photo of dahoma. born (in a litter of five, two girls and three boys) at henry villas zoo in october 2004, his name means long life in swahili. he moved to t-park zoo at just over a year old to be their resident females (sukari) mate. please see the post, new lioness in the house for info on his and sukari's cubs.


  1. I sure miss Kimani terribly.... just look at that absolutely adorable face!!! She's an incredible cat that will always have my heart. Dahoma is a handsome cat.... He looks calm and I am keeping my fingers crossed that the intro works perfectly!!! Looking forward to seeing and hearing more on the adventures of Kimani and Dahoma!!! I miss you Lioness Princess!!!

  2. I am hoping that zoo gives us more info on precious Kimani. I miss her so much. She was gorgeous, her face had such expression and she has such a social cat. I will never forget the morning that I was the first human they saw and she jumped out of a sound sleep and pawed at the window at me. I was startled at first, then knew it was a greeting. My own cats do the same thing. Later, I mentioned it to the keeper...she said she was just greeting me. That was an awesome experience....MISS YOU KIMANI !!!!