Sunday, December 27, 2009


sukari was out in the grotto today! she must have made some real progress overnight as far as her comfort level. when i got there she was just getting up onto the ledge above the cave entrance. she settled in and stayed there looking out, just taking it all in. it must be hard being moved from one home to another without any say in the matter, but she looked calm. she makes cute little tongue hangin faces like my kitten and tony! here's some of my famous snaps from tv of video. thankfully i had the video camera or any sighting of her via naked eye or still pix would have been hard to tell much about how she looks. at second sight, her face kinda reminds me of a mountain lion/cougar. really look forward to seeing her out roaming the grotto and eventually interacting with tunya!


  1. Sukari is gorgeous!!! I am so glad you were able to capture some of the first shots of her in her new home!!! Yes, she does look like a cougar and kind of a mix of Amanzi and Kimani. She and Tunya will look so beautiful in the grottos..... Welcome to the San Francisco Zoo Miss Sukari !!! YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL !!! Pace yourself in your new home, it's your turf and we are but mere visitors in your realm.

  2. thankx, glad you enjoyed them! have enjoyed being able to see her so early in her days here. i think i was lucky to see her out that day as yesterday she had the option to be in or out and chose to hang in the cave in between!
    whatever it takes for her to make her adjustment easier!