Sunday, December 20, 2009

lions get holiday treats!

this was the first day of the zoo's holiday season event called winters gone wild. there is a schedule posted on the zoo site of who gets what when. i've been sick so yesterday was the first day i was able to go. i almost said, my pix didn't come out as great as i'd hoped, but now looking at them again they arent bad. the window ones could have been better. i tried a new thing since i'm still taking video these days, i tried to take still pix at the same time, but my camera focused on the window too much instead of the cat ;( never had that happen before, must be a hazard of the one handed attempt. so these are the best stills, but my video is great! although i have mention my disappointment in the behavior of visitors once again. the graffiti etched into the glass around the big cats is disgusting and disturbing. while taking video at the corner exhibit, the etchings were clearly highlighted more than you can see when just standing there with the naked eye. as well there is excessive damage to the grotto windows. what is wrong with people? i can't answer this by even just using some vulgar name tag. people who do stuff like this, along with the continuous disturbing of the animals, really must just have brain damage in some way. sorry for the mini rant, back to the event. it was also member's morning with big cat focus. there was training demo's with most of the cats. i hung out chatting with tunya. poor guy is still waiting for his new girlfriend to come out of quarantine. i just reassured him she's there and will be meeting him next week :) then i blew him some kisses and he responded back! he tilted his head back and opened his mouth a bit and with a grin made a soft vocal sound. soooooo cute! when the lions were let out i went to the window first cuz tunya's prizes were on the hot rock (which is in front of a viewing window. he came right out and got to business. he loved his stuff and after walked around and did his morning roar. i went over to see what jahari and amanzi were doing and they had already had their bones and their backs turned hording them as they munched. so no good footage or pix of them.


  1. Beyond precious photos of Tunya and his gifts. He is an awesome Lion. I could have had the crappiest day ever and when I round the corner and Tunya is there, I can't help but smile, laugh and enjoy time with him. He always makes my day. All of the BigCats do. Jahari, magnificent...I'll always see in my mind the day he pranced across his grotto. Amanzi, brave and serious...quite regal. She'll always stand by Jahari. Tony...the absolute sweetest Tiger in the world...everyone loves Tony. LeAnn...well, my name is we have that bond...she is a perfect sumatran and was an awesome mommie to her cubs. Now...on to my precious one...Padang. Words cannot express how much I love her. She has sass, she is gorgeous, she doesnt put up with BS, and she is a constant reminder that a BigCat can age gracefully while even in pain. She and I share the "arthritis" so we have that bond too. I am always drawn to her and she truly pulls out my sentimental side. Padang...I LOVE YOU LOTS!!! I lost my orange cat over a year ago.... I feel she has some of his spirit in her. I urge everyone to enjoy this blog, it's awesome...and please go to the zoo and meet these fantastic animals. They are all happy and healthy and a joy to see.

  2. great words about great cats! ... i love that last photo of tunya the best, he looks drunk on christmas joy lol!