Friday, December 11, 2009

and we got face!

i'm going to stop apologizing for my wacky screen caps taken off tv with my cell phone, cuz so far, these are the only pix posted of this week old baby's face! so, im inclined to kudo myself and say i rock! ... it was the sweetest interaction! baby was clinging to mama (as it will do for a long time) and sister lupe came over and stuck her head right near the baby and the baby turned and looked! lupe kissed the babys head then on the lips and baby stuck its little tongue out to kiss back! then smiled! sooooooooooo cute! my fav cap was the one with the tongue out, but i think its the last one with the smile. this baby has a different face than baya did as a baby. its very happy looking, almost unreal! did i say sooooooooooo cute?! ... lupe so luv's the babies. she was very into baya when she was young and still clinging to mama. she would sit with diamond and pat baya and lean in for kisses. the howlers, papa bosco included, seem very much family orientated.

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