Saturday, December 5, 2009

photos of the day!

i've said it before, but i'll say it again, elly loves her new home! i have not seen her sitting down once, and that is all she used to do in the old black rhino enclosure. everytime i go by there she is still doing the happy prance! today i got this great shot of her, looking straight at me and she has a smile on her face! i love the captures of the zoo friends with smiles! i like how her little back hoof is up in the air ;) enlarged you can even see her eyelashes. she is precious. the photo ops in the front yard are fantastic in this new enclosure. i just love this snap of her. she looks happy and youthful! ... this is one of my fav photos of today, becuz in the old digs, i just never got good pix of her. in fact i don't think i knew what she really looked like! see the post right before this about the new howler family addition to see my other fav's for today. the pix of mama and her babies are sweet!

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  1. Incredible photo of an incredible Rhino...Elly is so happy in her new place....she's like a young Rhino these days. You go Miss Elly !!! You are amazing and beautiful!!!