Sunday, June 21, 2009

skylar (aka leanne)

leanne, aka skylar (given name). she's been mentioned a couple times now, so you know she's a female sumatran. she's six years old and the cublets were her first litter. she was born at the toronto zoo 7.7.03. she and her littermates (sister chelsea, who is in atlanta now and brother kougra, who is in dallas) were the first captive born tigers in canada. her parents brytne and rengat are still in toronto and have since had another litter.


  1. Leanne brought joy back to our zoo in the form of some adorable cublets. They have since moved on but she remains and we adore her. She has the most beautiful face...a gorgeous young tiger. It's a perfect face and with her first litter...she was the perfect mommy. I look forward to her "mommy" time again. She's such a special and beautiful girl.

  2. I got to spend the day with LeAnne today. I sat for a couple hours just a couple yards from her. She is absolutely gorgeous!!! She ate, took a drink from her pond and hopped up on her perch for a nap.... an awesome girl. I am enjoying getting to know her.