Wednesday, June 24, 2009


jahari's early story is the same as kimani's. jahari lives mostly in the big cat grotto between his papa and sister and usually one of the sumatran tigers. sometimes the two lion prides rotate grottos. you can tell jahari by the dark spot on his nose. he has lived with amanzi since he was a juvenile, in hopes that he would breed with her. his mama and papa were six when he was born and he will be six this year, soooo.... i have been told that may still happen, once its been ruled out (by examination this week) that he hasn't inherited his papa's medical condition. yeah! we may have lion cubs again someday!


  1. Jahari is the perfect Lion in every way. He is truly regal, elegant, strong. but...on occasion, I see a big ole tomcat in him. He is massive in size at 550 lbs. He loves putting on a show when people walk by the grotto. They are in awe when he stands up, mane waving in the breeze, gorgeous eyes and massive head size. Most of the days, he is lounging with Amanzi, his lady...and they are a gorgeous couple to watch. Jahari has become one of my favorites at the zoo. He is breathtaking.

  2. hehehe! are you sure you don't want to amend that comment after seeing his display of cowardness when attempting to snatch the knuckle bone from amanzi? lol! love ya jahari, you're a character!