Saturday, June 20, 2009

june member morning

my blog plan was to do resident profiles before going wide publicly, but i haven't gotten that far and i want to comment on this am's event held in the feline conservation center. the fcc has been closed for about a year/half now and it really is too bad for all the cat lovers, becuz you really do get to see some beauties in a great environment. the fcc was established as a breeding environment (i believe). the current residents include two snow leopards (once intended mates), three fishing cat siblings and and an ocelot family that includes parents, two juvenile brothers and a pair of ten week old boys. i was lucky enough to get a private visit a couple months ago (thankx! to katheryne) and see ming wah (female snow leopard) get fed by keeper allison (thankx!). that was a treat, but as the fcc is a special place, i was given another treat today. after the event was over, my friend andie and i, along with another pair were invited by keeper hilary (thankx!) to stay and get a peek at the ocelot cubs (who weren't visible during the event)!! she brought us into the outer enclosure and opened the nesting box where mama inca and her two babies were! there is fencing at the opening and they were about three feet from us! these are my best shots (open full view for best viewing) as we weren't allowed to us flash (even though mine went off accidentally once! sorry!). it was very special and i'm grateful for the experience.

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