Sunday, June 21, 2009

feline conservation center

since i mentioned the fcc, the residents there are next up. i don't have alot of photos from there for one main reason, the enclosures there are so well landscaped for natural habitat, often when it was open i wouldn't see any of the residents. the photos posted are from my two recent visits and mostly of ming wah. ... ming wah is the female snow leopard. she is seventeen and was born on 5.19.92 at the sfzoo. she was an active and successful member of the species survival plan (ssp) for many years, but becuz of age she is no longer breeding. ... her neighbor is rigel, a male snow leopard who was brought there as an intended mate. i actually saw him out for the first time yesterday, he is a beauty too! his fur seems to have a more tan coloring, where ming wah has the traditional white. he seems very into her and playful. he was watching her closely and doing a bit of play stalking from his enclosure which is adjacent but divided by a fence. ... the three fishing cat siblings are, sunfish, angelfish and goldfish. they were born at fcc on 6.14.03 ... the ocelot family includes the female inca (b. 12.19.04 at sfzoo) and male diego (b. 11.17.03 in florida), who are the parents to all four of the male cubs there. one pair, gustavo and ricardo born 5.19.07 and the other pair, santo and frisco in april. ... photos are of ming wah, one of the fishing cats and the juvenile ocelots.

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  1. I got the awesome opportunity of June 2009's Member's Morning at the FCC. What can I say???? Words can't express. Ming Wah....gorgeous snow leopard, what an incredible animal. I got to peek into the nesting box and see baby ocelots...with tears in my eyes from the experience of it all. Is there anything in the world more precious than cats? and all of the animal kingdom? are gorgeous!!!