Saturday, June 20, 2009


this is goober! he is a bairds tapir. you might wonder why my blog features goober, just look at him! he's fantastic! he always looks like he's smiling and just enjoying hanging out and munching on his leaf treats. if you watch all the residents enough, you can tell they all have their own personality and goober is at the top of the list! he is one of my favorite zoo residents. goober is a leo like me! he was born on 8.12.94 (the day after mine), at the los angles zoo. he came to the sfzoo on 1.30.97.


  1. Goober Do is adorable. He always is a happy happy happy cheery Tapir!!! That snout just wiggles when you call his name. I think he truly is the zoo's ambassador!!! You can't help but smile when you see him. He always grins and wiggles his ears and usually is munching on something yummy and leafy. are a sweetheart!!!

  2. when you say hi to him, his ears wiggle too! goober do! rocks!