Wednesday, June 24, 2009


kimani was born at the sfzoo in 2003. she and her brother jahari had to be hand raised by keepers when sadly their mama kita died a few days after they were born. kimani looks alot like her mama! just realized it when i found and posted a photo of kita i took in 2002, in the "missing" entry. kimani can often be seen in the window giving cat kisses (blinking eyes) to visitors.


  1. I adore Kimani. She is awesome. I can't think of a cuter face!!! One morning, while making my rounds as a docent, she jumped up from a nap and pawed at the glass for me. It was a greeting, definately a greeting and I felt a special bond with this special girl ever since. She is keenly aware of surroundings, even in nap's funny to see...she still has those "wild" characteristics. Kimani makes my day and is usually the first Big Cat I see on my rounds. She's usually on the heated rock eating a horsemeat knucklebone!!!

  2. Kimani has the perfect Lioness face...she is adorable!!! She is such a social cat and enjoys watching everything and everyone!!! She's a pretty girl for sure.