Wednesday, June 24, 2009


like her cub playmate tunya, amanzi and kita came to the sfzoo from a south africa breeding center (i believe). i have read that up until the trio came here as part of a new breeding program for pure african lions, that most of the captive lions were an african/asian mix. before kita gave birth to jahari and kimani fathered by tunya, amanzi gave birth to a litter fathered by tunya. sadly they didn't make it. i hope jahari gets the go ahead and gets to breed with her, it would be nice for her to get the chance to be a mama and for jahari to carry on tunya and kita's genes.


  1. Amanzi is incredible. She has a regal look and very "early lioness" to me. She's very much the
    Lioness. I have nicknamed her Monzo and just love the mornings at the zoo when I can enjoy visiting her. I have seen her fiercly guard her treats...she always gives you the feel of a lion on the plains. She's such a very beautiful cat!!!

  2. I am excited to think that we may possibly have Amanzi/Jahari kits!!! These lions are absolutely perfect and I have noticed seem even more devoted to eachother these days? Can we dare to hope? I saw Jahari and Amanzi yesterday and they sure put on a show for the cameras. What gorgeous cats !!!