Saturday, April 3, 2010

ulu bunny!

my friend andiecatt and i brought easter prizes for some of the animals. the big cats will get theirs tomorrow, but ulu bear got her bunny from andiecatt today! keeper dave was nice enough to stop and make it happen right when we showed up, so that we would be able to watch her play with it! he scented it and put it out with a romaine lettuce snack. ulu came looking for it, gave it a sniff then ate her yummy greens. after she was done, she grabbed that bunny and started flinging it in the air! tossing it high up and letting it fall back on the grass in her meadow. then she took it over to her tree stump and started smashing it in the hole and then pulling it out. she did the same repeated motion by shoving it down the rabbit hole in the dirt. she was having a blast! after it was good and dirty like her (we love dirty ulu bear!) she carried it back to her other enclosure and brought it up to her nest! then she walked towards the front and stopped right in front of us and stared! i think she was saying thank you to andiecatt! it was a great fun day for miss ulu! first she had a lunch of herring that she fished for in her pool, then she rolled in the grass, and we all got a surprise when she was able to get her easter bunny! thankx again dave! ... chk the photo site for more pix from this adventure! (if you don't see them up, keep chking back, i should have it done my nightfall.) >

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  1. I had a blast watching the Easter Polar Bear Miss Ulu. She loves her "dollies"... Incredible to watch her, first walking up to it, thinking it out, then playing. I actually felt that she was being a little "maternal". (not the smashing into the hole part)... but playing joyfully as a parent plays with their children. She played a bit, took it back to her bed area. She had a great day of swimming, scratching and rolling, fishing and a nice nap in the sun. I truly know that she came to thank me. What a fun day !!!Oh, the maternal thing? She actually seemed to tuck the bunny in for the day.