Monday, April 5, 2010

easter in the LH, lions!

jahari and amanzi got their treats first! these two are so silly when they know there's a treat and are waiting for the keeper to open the door to their night quarters in the lion house. usually jahari is waiting to push in first, but today amanzi was right there to rival him for first place and she almost made it but his head and shoulders pushed her aside and he ran in first, again! these two are so crazed when they get in that its really hard to get pix of them. i tried for amanzi first since she gets hers in a snap, but missed a good pic (again), s o this one is of her after finishing, just watching the people. the one of jahari is a tough call as to what is captured, but its him and the popper so i'm posting it! they both had their sickles tucked inside. the sickle is made from the blood drained from their meat and frozen! ... tunya came in and sniffed one set of goods before going to the next cage and deciding that one was better! he had his sickle in his metal bowl and his popper was scented! ... sukari had the same treats as tunya. it was just luck that she actually came in for her treats. she is still pretty leary about being too close to where people are, ie in the LH during open hours and in the middle to front portions of the yard, but yay! she came in and stayed for a bit! she gave tunya a greeting at the mesh, then went for her treats, sniffing the popper, but settling on the blood sickle first! i like the snap of her looking up with the red from the blood on her lower lip! after finishing, she went for the popper, then carried it to the doorway to play with!

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