Friday, April 16, 2010

cats weigh in!

happened upon the big cats getting weighed today! first time i'd seen this. saw padang first, and she was not really wanting to cooperate. she quickly got on to fetch the lure snacks, but didn't fall for that trick twice. she walked around the scale trying to figure out how to get the snacks without getting on the scale! ... when amanzi and jahari came in, amanzi went straight for the scale room and was more than cooperative, even looking down at keeper barb as if to offer some help! ... while waiting keeper deb gave jahari a back scratchin'! he is seriously silly AND i would LOVE to scratch his back! when it was his turn, he had no problem getting right up there on the scale either. just like his lady love, if there's a snack involved, its all good!


  1. I wished I had gotten to see the BigCats weigh-in..... great photos, awesome cats!!! They never cease to amaze me in their beauty, power, majesty and yes, sometimes silliness.... I love them !!!

  2. thankx! i just happened upon it! we got to find out the results so we know who weighs what! jarjar prob the most!