Monday, April 5, 2010

easter in the LH, padang!

all the big cats got easter treats on easter sunday! andiecatt brought padang and tony easter bunnies and i brought tony an big mache easter egg! my goal was to have eggs made for all the big cats, then as time went on at least four for the lions, and finally my project went whack in the drying process so i only ended up with one good egg ;( i suck and had no back up plan. i felt bad that i had nada for the lions and leanne, but it all turned out great as i had made 6 poppers/party favors that the keeper still hadn't used! so everyone had an easter prize! ... padang got hers first, two stuffed bunnies scented with perfume. ... tony got two scented bunnies as well plus the mache egg. ... leanne, jahari, amanzi, tunya and sukari got poppers with blood sickles and/or scented. ... posted here are padangs pix.


  1. It's always beyond incredible to be able to enjoy the BigCats and their treats. The Lions are hilarious with their hooligan attitudes. They push and shove like kids at a carnival. Amanzi's little short legs trying the get past Jahari and his big head, Tunya and Sukari testing the waters, LeAnne still so full of spunk, precious Tony, the sweetest guy around, and last but not certainly least, Miss Padang, sassy every time. I adore these BigCats so much. Each time I visit them, it's something new with them. I am emotional when talking about them, I know...but they are just awesome-pawsome !!!

  2. Ok, Miss Paddy Paddington Pandang!!! You are my own personal Tiger,lol.... and loved A LOT. How precious to have been able to give Easter Bunnies to her. Easter was a few days ago and as of today, Missy still had the bunnies in her nest and intact !!! Now how's that for gentleness on the toys? LOL.... and Mr. Tony's bunnies were all safe too !!! Great photos!!!