Saturday, April 24, 2010

happy birthday chimp girls!

today marked the birthdays of two of the female chimps, tallulah and minnie. maggie's birthday was on april 14th and we missed it :( yesterday my friend andiecatt and i brought the three girls a birthday card and andie made all four chimps (including their man cobby!) some presents,. we didn't see anything out today, so hopefully they got them. miss tallulah turned a milestone 55! which i believe is one of the oldest living chimps in captivity, if not the second oldest, which i think i remember reading at one time. HAPPY BIRTHDAY GIRLS!!! we love you and appreciate the joy you bring to us and others! here's some pix of the gang today taken while they were waiting to be let into the grotto where their treats are usually put out in the morning. ... cobby, maggie, minnie, tallulah and cobby, maggie


  1. Happy Birthday Beautiful Girls and many many more!!! I hope that even though we didnt get to see you with your gifts, that you got them !!! I am pleased to share the age of 55 with Tallulah.... hey girl..... I'll be your age in June !!! Again, happy birthday precious girls!!! You are always a joy, and Mr. Cobby, you are adorable!!!

  2. all the animals at the zoo are special but these four have been there the longest and are the residents with most seniority! they deserve a BIG happy birthday!