Saturday, April 24, 2010

prairie pups!

the first prairie dog pup emerged from a burrow on march 31st! since then babies have been bouncing out to the to date total of 13 or 14! they emerge at about six weeks, so the smallest ones are about that. we saw a couple that only came to the rim of the burrow hole, never leaving it, so they must be just at the six weeks! sooooooooo cute! the one in the close-ups is one of those tiny babies. i love the capture of the pup kissing its papa! ... more pix on the photosite soon.


  1. They were adorable to watch today!!! So young and still so vulnerable.... mama P dog was sure protective of the little guys...cute !!!

  2. yea she was, she was alerting everyone! and these little pups never left their burrow!