Monday, April 12, 2010

big cat fun!

the lion house was jumpin' today! as soon as we walked up to the cats, amanzi and jahari were doing some major playing and then she entertained herself with the big red ball! i snapped a quick not so great one as she threw it to the pond and made a cute playful kitty face! ... while waiting for the LH to open we spied sunfish out front and center stalking fish in his pond! ... after the LH opened, keeper barb gave all the big cats some prizes! big thankx to her for all the big cat fun!... even though he had prizes out, tony was taking it easy and mostly lounging in the sun! ... as was padang who could only be seen at the opening of the cave, by the tip of her tail and her purple bunny! ... leanne got one box of food inside and five outside scattered in different locations, so she could look for them! ... training with amanzi and jahari wasn't going to be for an hour, so barb packed some bags of rhino scented hay and threw them down to tunya and sukari! suki made a mad dash into the cave, i think she was a bit startled, but not tunyaman! he went right for his fav catnip! eventually sukari peeked out and spied on tunya in ecstacy! ... amanzi and jahari did some training in the lion house. they got snacks, kabobs (food on a training stick) and some goats milk! then they went outside and got rhino scented hay in boxes decorated by my friend lee! ... will try to upload some more pix here later, but there were soooo many great snaps, please visit the photo site to see all the big cat fun! >

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