Saturday, April 17, 2010

beach balls in the grotto!


i brought some paper mache beach balls i made for the lions and was again lucky that the keeper was able to give them to the cats while i was there! thank you again! ... amanzi and jahari got theirs first. amanzi ran out sooo fast! amazing she passed jahari in the race, he usually pushes ahead of her. she ran to the one on my side and jahari ran to the opposite side. she broke hers open right away and stuck her head in! that is my fav capture :) a few minutes later she bopped it with her paw to break it down more. i could hear it crack! after that i ran over to the other side and got a few good snaps of jahari with his head in it as well! sooo cute! the action was pretty fast and then it looked like it was over, til they switched places. amanzi first went over to check out what jahari had and then he went over to check hers out. they are sooo cute how they always go and see what the other one had. she finally came over to where jahari was and they sat down together and started giving each other kisses! they are sweet when they are affectionate. ... the keeper tossed tunya and sukari's from above and tunya made a run for one and sukari was no where to be seen. she's still playing hard to get! tunya gave it his attention for a minute, long enough to break it open and give it a sniff. then he walked over to check out the other ball, which he gave a sniff too, and then gave it the butt! we thought he was done and unimpressed, but when we went back around the grottos about 20 min later, the second ball was crushed too! he faked us out! and so we missed the complete tunyaman action ;( ... fyi, all the balls were scented with frozen rhino urine. ... as with all the big cat fun, its only made possible because keeper barb rocks! thank you!... chk the photosite tomorrow for more pix from this series plus some of leanne getting her treat boxes!

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