Monday, March 8, 2010

will work for food

big cat keeper barb thought of a great enrichment for leanne and luckily we were in the lion house at the right time to see it. she took six small boxes, each filled with approximately a pound of meat and put them on the ledges inside six connecting cages in the lion house quarters. leanne is young and full of energy so this was a great way for her to use that energy and work her mind and instinct along with it. she had a great time jumping up and down and working her food out of the boxes, sometimes by just giving them a big stamp! i don't usually take pix in the LH because of the barring, but i wanted to capture this and the boxes made the pix colorful and not like just the animal and bars. ... i was trying out a new camera (thankx lee!) and had the auto flash on and didn't realize, so my bad on some of the pix where poor girl is looking. i was using zoom so at least i wasn't that close. ... check the photo site for more pix from this series >


  1. LeAnne is adorable !!! She's fun to watch and puts on quite a show for the crowd !!! She is such a beautiful girl !!!

  2. she loved this! great idea from barb!