Monday, March 15, 2010

the many mane-ly do's of tunyaman

tunya is an expert lounger! he is so goofy cute and fun to watch. he can be sitting there looking at you or off like he's thinkin', then with no notice he will do the tunya plop and just flop his head down and there it stays. when he wakes up his big gorgeous mane seems to never look the same. its always tussled this way and that, sometimes showing off those cute ears with mane hair just lightly brushing over them! sooo cute! these and double more were taken last weekend. my fav is this first one, his mane looks absolutely gorgeous! i have it showing his full body, but for the purpose of this series i've cropped them all to showcase his mane-ly do's!


  1. I love Tunya.... so many times people that know me hear me say.... I fell in love with this lion the minute I met him...and he has kept me coming back weekend after weekend after weekend. He's a wonderful Lion and just about the silliest King of the Jungle you will ever meet. Great photos of Tunya !!!

  2. he i a big mushy guy! thankx for the kudos, i got so close cuz of my new zoom, thank you! i love that first pic, his hair looks magnificent!