Saturday, March 20, 2010

leanne and her new playmate

no there isn't a new tiger in the house, but she had a sheep head in her bag of goodies! its alittle too much nature for me since i love the barnyard buddies, but its all natural for these carnivores. she was sooo funny to watch. when she first got to the bag, she got out her meatloaf. the head was wrapped and when she got it free of wrapping, it kinda rolled and she jumped back. then she proceeded to run from it, stalk it and pounce on it! she had a great time playing with it, although she never tried to eat it. i kinda think she didn't really know what to do with it, but that made for a great enrichment for her! she got alot of exercise in the game she made of it.


  1. LeAnne is always a special Tiger to watch !!! She's gorgeous and entertaining !!! What a little "huntress" she has become !!! I look forward to seeing her every Saturday...

  2. she is really enjoying the fast paced stuff the enrichments are giving her. i think she needs it cuz she ran with those cublets so much. can you believe it will soon be a yr since they left?!