Saturday, March 20, 2010

padangs puppy

padang got a stuffed puppy doll in her gift bag and a blood sickle and meat treat! she came in and had her snack first, then checked out her bag, knocked it over, teared it open and grabbed the puppy out and carried it to the next room and dropped it on her bed for later! she is so cute with her stuffed animals. a couple weekends ago she was sleeping with her head on one. sooo cute!


  1. Everyone who knows me know that I consider Padang my own personal Tiger !!! I love her. My Saturday is never complete til I visit her. She is a wonderful cat. Her eyes are awesome!!! She has always kept that "wild" look. She loves her "dolly" and it's always cute to see how she sets her sleeping area up. I love this cat !!!

  2. did you get a pic of the dolly after she dropped it in her bed?