Monday, March 15, 2010

jahari in the box!

big cat keeper barb did some great enrichments again this past sat. leanne again got her food divided up and placed in different places in six different night quarter cages AND jahari and amanzi got their food in small boxes like leanne last weekend. when barb opened the sliding door, jahari had his huge head right there, ready to squeeze under before it even was pulled all the way up and open! amanzi ran in right behind him. they must have heard the sound of the cages when the food was being put in, cuz they were right on it! i like these pix as a group cuz you can see his cute facial expressions and i love the one of him sitting! the one where he is staring up and his paw is in motion swiping at the box, reminds me of watching my kitten. big cats, small cat, they all seem to play the same :)


  1. I truly think Jahari and Amanzi wait for the sound of the keeper and visitors when the Lion House opens. They are gorgeous and huge BigCats and come in bigger than life but acting like big pussycats with the treats. The crowd is always amazed when they see Jahari come thru the door and his mate Amanzi slinks in with him doing fast circles just looking excitedly for the treats. Always special to watch !!! Love the BigCats !!!

  2. after last wknd i'm sure they run to the cave doors when they hear them moving inside and by now certainly know that means there will be a treat inside. there are certain moments you never forget and i can still see jahari's big head at the bottom of the door as it opened and him trying to push thru the space even with the door only 1/3 open!