Sunday, March 14, 2010

resident updates

the last couple times i went by the warthog enclosure i only saw one out. when i see an animal missing it always takes my breath away for a second becuz my mind goes directly to the fear. sadly its true in this case, mrs warthog, bess as i first knew her, tho her listed name now is boudin, has passed. born at the little rock zoo on april 7, 1995, she would have been 15 this year. she lived a long life here at the zoo. i remember when her and porky (now called tibbits) came here as youngsters. they were about a third the size they are as adults and i remember them running around and chasing each other happily! they have one of the nicest enclosures at the zoo and i'm sure she enjoyed her life there with him. i saw porky yesterday and he seems to being doing well. this was actually the first time i've seen him so active in some time! he was rolling in his muddy waterhole and munching on the grass in his daisy field. here are some pix , one of them together (she's the smaller one) and a couple of him from that joyful sight in a sad time. i'll miss seeing them together, but i'm happy he's still here with us! ... there were also a two losses on the kangaroo group. i don't know them individually, but if i get that info i will post it. unfortunately i only come across this type of info in passing conversations. i wish the zoo posted it even for a short time so regular visitors/members could stop and take a moment and maybe remember the zoo friends who have passed. ... looking now toward the future, i have learned that angelo's (the male anteater) new girlfriend has arrived and is in quarantine. she is here in hopes they will breed, so hopefully we will have a mini anteater soon! ... also there is talk of a young pair of capybara sisters who might join the puente! we miss lottie and it will be nice to see more of her kind enjoying life in her old home. ... early in the new year, lily and eric dukier welcomed a new baby! i have no name or sex info and i haven't even seen it. unfortunately the zoo has chosen to close some paths and one of them is the path where the dukier family and pokemon the male black buck live. stay tuned i hope to not only get the info but get a glimpse of the youngin'!


  1. It's very sad to hear of a furry zoo friends passing. The warthogs were always side by side. I am so glad that Tibbits is doing well. I got to share the day he was in the daisy meadow. They have a really nice and very peaceful enclosure !!! I enjoyed seeing Angelo in the Puernte field today !!!

  2. i feel horrible for him BUT was so happy to see him not mopey but enjoying he sun that day! ... i love angelo in the field! i can't wait for his new girlfriend to come out of quarantine!