Thursday, March 18, 2010

bears go green!

yesterday at the zoo all the bears got special st patricks day enrichments! the goods were great! kudos and thankx to deb (bear keeper)! i stopped at annie and wishbone first, then at ulu, then andy and pike, then the grizzly girls. all were entertaining so i kept going up and down the bear corridor checking to see what they all were doing. these are the highlights... annie found a frozen jello/yogurt cake ( i call it such since its about that size). she worked hard to lift it out of some tree trunks and then roll it to the den and carry it up the steps to their nest! it was incredible to watch i had no idea she had the strength! about 40 minutes later after having his treats of yams, and/or carrots, an icee, and some romaine lettuce, wishbone moseyed on over to the nest where annie then stood by close while he uncovered (she covered it with hay) her offering! she was looking at him adoringly like "i brought you a treat!" then he turned to her and gave her a kiss! it was precious! ... ulu pretty much stood in the same spot the whole time, eating grub from her pot o' gold! she was sporting her green, which makes her, the true st pattys day bear! ... andy and pike went for the goods at the same time, but pike stayed on that first box, while andy went over to the other and then took off with it in her mouth and headed for her night quarters! ... kachina stopped at the patty's day box in front of where i was standing and kiona stood up and put her hands on the shamrock stuck to the window and licked off all the sweetness (prob either peanut butter or honey)! ... these pix cover the highlights for the polars and grizzlies, but to get annies determination, the spectacles will have the post following this one. also check the photo site as well, i took looks o' pix! >

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