Saturday, March 20, 2010

grrreat birthday bash for tony!

it was an awesome time with the tigers today! tony's birthday is tomorrow, but we did a celebration today! lee and i brought him and his gal pals some special enrichment items for the bash. tony got a paper mache ball i made and he also got a HUGE birthday bag. all three tigers got flowered (in honor of it being the first day of spring) bags as part of tony's celebration. i painted the ball with an 18 for how old he will be and some flowers on it. cat keeper barb filled all the bags with goodies each tiger might like. ... when tony came out it took him awhile to come to the front to check out his presents. he stood near the bday bag and gave us a look, then without bothering with them too much more decided it was nap time! we circled around cat corridor for almost couple hours waiting and while reviewing our photos, all of a sudden tony was up and going toward the ball! he sniffed it, then picked it up in his mouth and carried it a bit over and was ripping into it! yay! tony loved the ball! i actually got to bring it home, so i not only have something i made and gave a tiger, its got tonys big tooth puncture in it! pretty cool! he never got to his bags, opting for another nap. ... happy to be a part of your birthday sweet tony! ... thankx to barb for putting out our card, filling the bags, and generally making it happen and again for letting us take part! ... i'll do the other two gals separate since i took so many pix! also chk the photo site for the complete collection. >

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  1. Tony had a great day and it was wonderful sharing his special day with him !!! I'd be napping in the sun too !!! Precious are incredible!!! Happy Birthday and many many many many more !!!