Sunday, February 14, 2010

wrestling grizzlies

the sisters were having their typical rumble. they are so cute when they play together like this :) kachina was the instigator yesterday. sometimes kiona would pull back and just play with her feets and a log (really cute when feets are in the air!) and then kachina would run up and challenge a tussle! ... the first photo is my fav tho, and since today is valentines day its perfect! one sister reaching for and lightly touching the other's hand! so sweet! you can tell they love each other, they are always smiling at each other :) when i was watching this interaction my narrative was card playing, since they were leaning on the rock and it looked like a table. poker anyone? they are cute to watch. check out more rumble pix on the photo site >


  1. those Grizzly Girls are absolutely adorable to watch.... they get silly around 3pm after they have had fish in their pond, honey on the rocks and lots of veges and bear chow. After a nap, it's their time to rumble,lol...... they are precious gals.

  2. they are funny! doesn't it seem they take turns being the instigator?