Sunday, February 7, 2010

super birthday sunday!

today the lions celebrated birthdays! amanzi whose thirteenth bday was on jan 4 and tunya whose thirteenth bday was on jan 26, celebrated a combined birthday with seven year old jahari, whose bday was today! jahari and amanzi got their treats first! on one side the keeper put a party favor that was filled with a knuckle bone and a big wrapped box filled with rhino scented hay and another favor on the opposite site, filled with a knuckle bone and a blood sickle! when she let them out they came running! amanzi to the one with the blood sickle and jahari to the one with both the favor and the box! amanzi ripped the favor open so fast i only got one pic! jahari went for the favor first and savored it. after he was completely done he went for the box and got his groove on with his big cat nip! ... tunya was sleeping in the sun and not budging, so the keeper went up on the roof and tossed the favor down to him :) it was very cute, he was looking up and then wow gifts from the sky! and off he went, running over to it! i didn't get a good pic of him with the favor becuz i was standing in the wrong spot for pix. not sure what i was thinking, i think i was just waiting to see him run to it, i didn't plan right ;( he loved it! his favor was filled with rhino hay and he was rolling in it, having a big ol' tunya time! then he just sat on the hay and the wrapping and looked over and smiled :) ... sukari was hiding in back, so her favor, filled with meat was left in the doorway. we stood and waited but nothing. then we walked away and when we looked back the favor was gone! sneaky little thing went and pulled it in with her! we saw her in the back sitting up enjoying her treat :) ... it was a fun day with the lions! they all had a good ol' time! ... BIG thanks to keeper barb for indulging us with a lion birthday celebration! you rock! ... more pix on the photo site > ... thankx to lee for donating some of her awesome pix to the blog! she got the one of tunya that shows part of the favor!


  1. OMG!! Amazing pics Kim!!!! I'm sooooooooo bummed I missed out on the festivities!! It was the perfect day for birthday treats!! That was so awesome that you got to do that!! Next birthday can we plan on a Saturday celebration???? :P

  2. I had a blast today with the Lions Birthday Celebration..... the lions enjoyed, we enjoyed and the visitors really liked it. I sure wished we could do it every weekend !!! Barb was awesome at letting us share this very special occasion. I just love those Lions !!!

  3. gosh i am so behind on replying to comments! this was an awesome time! those lions loved their treats! we are lucky for the experiences barb lets us have!