Sunday, February 14, 2010

painted polars

yesterdays zoo visit came with many surprises! so much eye candy with the bears! painted polars! wrestling grizzlies! lion treats! and a new couple (tunya and sukari can now be seen in the yard together! yay!)! ... the grizzly girls were doing their sister wrestle, but it was the polar girls who such a colorful time with their special valentine treats, that i couldn't pull myself away from them! they were soooo cute and happy, and ended up painted polars after rubbing themselves on the deco'd boxes with their icy faces! pike had blush that reminded me of a vaudeville gal and andy bear ended up looking like a 60s pink poodle! ... they also got fish treats in snow and live ones in the pool! i don't think i've ever seen either of these two gals in the pool, but andy dove right in and got to fishin'! pike dug into the snow looking for what was left after the gulls stole some of her loot ;( ... see my collection of snaps for the play by play on the photo site >


  1. I had such a wonderful time watching the polar girls yesterday..... They had the best day ever between the ice and the fish..... and the fish scented boxes !!! Great makeup gals!!! You are the sweetest !!!

  2. this was a good enrichment for them. these two seem to be getting happier and happier!