Thursday, February 4, 2010

football or food?

today the zoo had a go at seeing if cobby would predict a superbowl champ by picking one of the teams shirts. i think they all were just interested in the food! i'm with you guys! ... there was no one at the chimps when i got there about ten minutes before the event was supposed to happen. i heard a keeper who was behind the cafe talking to the chimps in waiting and all the girls came over to her. i could hear her say, "are you guys going to be on tv today?" and tallulah shook her head yes!!!! soooooo cute! cobby was being cobby and getting all excited with that huge grin of his, knowing something was up! when they let them out cobby did go for the main box first, the one that had the shirts and pennants in it. he pulled out the saints one first but threw it aside and just looked for food. maggie ended up holding up the colts one, taking out the stuffing and fishing thru it for food. minnie didn't seem to care about much of it. tallulah grabbed a blue sheet and tugged it around behind her, using her foot. she eventually went up to the main box and touched the saints shirt, which i thought she might put on, but then just grabbed the sheet and went inside the main box for a nap! these chimps are always fun to watch, becuz they have so much fun with the special enrichments! ... more pix on photo site! > ... make sure to look at tallulah's face in all of them, she has the greatest expressions!


  1. These chimps are adorable to watch. Min and Mag do their own thing, Tallulah is wise and precious.....and that adorable Cobby....he's such a guy !!!

  2. OMG!!! These pics are great!!! I love the chimps!! They are so much fun to watch!! I wish I had known earlier, I would have loved to have been there! Thanks so much for writing and posting pics about the event!! :)

  3. your welcome nica! i'm glad to have regular feedback from you and andie!