Tuesday, February 2, 2010

watch out evil doers!

the zoo now has recourse to prosecute people who visit zoo's and trespass into an animal enclosure or harass a resident! The vote went forth today and passed 10-0! ... Congrats to Supervisor Sean Elsbernd for all he did to get new legislation passed! He rocks for finding and sewing up this law loophole that allowed too many bad humans to go unpunished and continue to wander around doing no good. ... AND part of the wording would have also included a ban on feeding the park friends, which saddened me. i emailed Sean and asked to please make this not part of the law. i grew up feeding the park friends and found solace in doing so while grieving. it is an important part of my life that i don't want to lose. i expressed all that and the coolest, he had it amended to not include feeding the park friends as a law breaking offense! double rock Sean! thank you!

I am very pleased to report this fantastic news as my 100th post!

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