Thursday, February 4, 2010

bear sense

annie the spectacle bear was having a good ol' time while her mate wishbone slept cozy in the corner den. there was a small barrel with holes that had treats (probably bear chow) in it. it was fixed so that it spun and annie was spinning that thing til there was nothing left! then keeper deb came out, after chatting and telling us about how much annie loves perfume, she called them in so she could put some out for us to watch her! i had my eye on annie at first, but wishbone came right over to the front stump that was scented and was loving it! he was rubbing his head and neck all over it! his little pink feet were facing towards me! they are both the sweetest looking bears! annie eventually came over to one of the closer stumps and was loving herself some chanel no. 5! ... was all soooo cute! thankx deb!


  1. These two are precious together..... Annie and I share the same perfume scent...good move precious little Annie. And...... Wishbone, he's a precious "charmer" that makes sure all is well with little Annie...two incredible bears!!!

  2. these two really have become favorites to watch. they are so adorable!