Thursday, October 8, 2009

resident updates

first, very sad to say the capybara passed away. everytime i pass the puente now i miss her. i've been told two names for her, janie or lottie (she has a sister who lived there too, that passed away a couple years ago). so sadly as well i don't even know which name was hers, but she had a sweet face and it was always nice to stop and say hi to her and wish her a good day. ... another friend i'll miss is george (bali), who moved to the point defiance zoo in tacoma a few weeks ago. he is the highest sumantran male on the SSPs breeding list for his genetic contribution, so he's gone there to get the job done! his brother java is there and its with java's mate he is intended to breed. java and jaya, his reccomended mate didn't get along, so they called in the stud lol! can't wait for him to have more babies! i also hope one day he might come back to us. ... i went to my first joint zoo committee meeting last week. very informative about the way the zoo runs and the intricacy involved in all decisions. the best news for me was that the SSP has (finally!) given the go ahead for jahari and amanzi to breed! so hopefully someday soon we will have lion cubs! when i saw jahari the other day i said,"go make babies with your woman!" amanzi was sunning her belly across the way. jahari just looked at me and smiled. ... jahari and amanzi are pretty cute when they affectionately rub heads, but possibly the cutest sign of affection i've seen at the zoo was between cobby and tallulah. they were sitting near eachother and tallulah put her hand on cobbys chin and went in for a kiss! cobby gave her a smooch back and it lasted pretty long! i had my camera out and ready but i was so taken by this moment i didn't get a snap ;( it was VERY sweet!


  1. I will really miss seeing Lottie the Capybara as the Puente is always a nice spot to stop. I wonder if her neighbor Walter the Maguari Stork misses her...he is fun to visit too!!! It's exciting to think the Jahari and Amanzi might have cublets...I just can't even imagine how cute their cubs will be!!! The zoo needs these very happy times...

  2. i miss her too! i look at her little barn every time i pass there.