Sunday, October 11, 2009

another note about respecting animals

kudo's to the zoo for finally posting a "respect the animals" sign at the gate house (entrance). it is long over due. i hope they take the initiative to post such signs at every enclosure. i have written how its a daily occurrence that someone is violating these animals homes, whether it is vocally (yelling, roaring) or physically (slappin/tappin walls and glass). i wish zoo's would band together and support one another to finally go the un-PC route of having to bow to society when some Ahole, whether mentally challenged, stupid or just downright evil, invades an enclosure and post a sign the basically says "IF YOU ENTER AN ANIMAL ENCLOSURE ON YOUR OWN (IE NOT FALLING IN) YOU DO SO AT YOUR OWN RISK. STAFF WILL ATTEMPT TO EXTRACT YOU, BUT NO ANIMALS WILL BE HARMED IN THIS ATTEMPT." ... this comes in the wake of the guy who invaded the grizzly girls home a couple weeks ago. he may have been deemed mentally challenged in some way, but he was able to calculate how to get in there, so for me he is responsible for his actions. the sad thing is, if one of the girls didn't find a "distaste" for him, she may have paid for his actions with her life. that is very wrong and its time to change the way these incidents are handled.


  1. I totally agree!

    -Peanut Gallery

  2. thankx! i wish there were more people, especially zoo higher ups that would take a stand on this. .. note to self, contact the AZA.