Wednesday, October 21, 2009

the name game

our male sumantran george aka bali moved to the point defiance zoo in tacoma last month. he is set to leave quarantine and debut this saturday. the zoo is having a vote to decide which of his two names he will be called by them. here's the link, if you want to cast your vote. ... i voted for bali. i have only called him george, that is becuz that was the name i first came to know him as before i knew his given name was bali. he will always be my georgie, but i think bali is what he truly knows and i think the keepers still used this name. becuz i think he knows bali to be his name, its only right. i don't like when animals have their names changed. ... often zoo animals will have a "public" name and a given name. the public name is chosen by someone who has donated money to a zoo for the naming rights to an animal. if its a name given at birth it usually stays with the animal while at the zoo it was born. if an animal is transferred, like george was, the animal staff will most likely still use its given name and then if there's a "new" name, that name becomes the name the public will know the animal as.

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