Sunday, October 11, 2009

speaking of baby lions

here's some pix from my archives. ... 1997 cub who wanted to play ball with me. seriously, it batted the ball from the other side til it got close to me. it was in front, but when it hit the fence it rolled a bit back. very special moment to me. a keeper recently ID as baby kita! kita was kimani and jahari's mama. even though at the time i didn't know them by name, when i heard she passed, i just knew that it was her who i shared that interaction with and i really felt her passing. i feel lucky to have had that moment and to have this photo of her.... spotted cubs from 2003. baby kimani and jahari! jahari is the one with the dark spots. he looks like a leopard! you can still see spots on kimani's legs but none on jahari. kimani still rules the rock!


  1. I can never get enough of Lions...they are wonderful... Tunya, Kimani and cubs, and now gorgeous adults!!!

  2. i know, they are precious. i can't wait for our other gorgeous gal amanzi to have babies with jahari.