Sunday, October 25, 2009

boo @ the zoo day two

the big cats are always great to watch get treats because they really get into them. i watched kimani and tunya come out first. kimani went straight for the treat (frozen bunny) and tunya went right for the big cat nip (rhino pee scent hay)! kimani turned her back and guarded her food, like most kitties like to do, while papa got high rolling around and making the most adorable faces :) and his signature "tunya" pose, to which kimani said "my dad is silly!" so cute! jahari and amanzi got their sheep legs today. it was hard to get good snaps of jahari and amanzi since so many people were around the enclosure, but i watched jahari fight with the one tied to the tree. he must have defeated it and drug it to the ground where he was enjoying it when i came past the second time. amanzi had hers in a far corner, closer pix were obstructed by her party box. i love these cats.


  1. Great shot of the precious Lions!!! Mr. are a hilarious and very precious
    guy!!! These Lions are absolutely perfect Big Cats...they have separate personalities and just are amazing to watch. Tunya, Kimani, Jahari and are all AWESOME !!!

  2. Tunya def. had a good time :) Big Catnip Heaven

  3. yea i love when tunya does "the tunya" legs up in the air having a good ole time! my kitten does the tunya all the time and i love to rub the belly. think tunya would like a belly rub? lol! i know these guys are wild animals but when you get to know their personalities some seem pretty laid back. yea i'm talking to you tunya, jahari and tony!