Monday, September 14, 2009

barnyard buddies

i love these barnyard buddies! i can remember visiting the barnyard friends from when i was as tall as they stand. in recent time these friends have provided much comfort to me. after losing my kitty who was my best friend, these goats and sheeps were the first animals i had hands on contact with. you don't have to visit them repeatedly for them to warm your heart, but if you do your heart will be that much more filled. coincidentally when my new kitten came into my life, i realized being born april first made him a aries, sign of the sheep. ... this blog doesn't allow for me to put text where photos go, so i will upload individual photos over the next few weeks to my flickr stream (link on left of this page) with the names of the buddies titling them. in addition to goats and sheep, you can find a llama, two alpaca's, a father and son donkey, a pair of kune pigs, a couple horses, turkey's, runner ducks, geese, and assorted pond fowl. i'll try to be more specific about them all in additions, as till i've done them all justice this post will be in progress. ... this first photo is my most recent and best goat pic! ... the sheep gathering is another great fav, i have a copy to post on my front door, as my home is my quiet space as well. ... fav gal ginger telling visitors its almost time! ... the morning race out of the barn is on!

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