Monday, September 14, 2009

what's happening

hello followers! sorry for the delay in updates. i wanted my next post to be about the residents who started me thinking of doing something like this, the goats and sheeps. since i haven't had the time to dedicate to that i haven't posted. as well, as fun and satisfying as its been doing the blog, i sometimes wonder if anyone is really out there who cares and stops by regularly to view it. my goal for this blog was to educate people about the residents, so hopefully more people will support the zoo by visiting and helping it thrive. at first i tried to promote by posting to folks tweets about the zoo on twitter and reviews on yelp, but i didn't get much feedback via email or twitter followers and i haven't gotten any feedback from the zoo on this effort, so after the goat and sheep friends, i was going to leave the blog as is. i just added a counter and surprisingly i've had ALOT of hits! so i guess people are visiting. for those of you who stop by regularly thank you and i hope you are enjoying, the info i'm providing on these wonderful zoo friends. please take the short survey i have also just put up, to help give me some feedback about all you visitors who are adding hits to that counter! ... here's a recent pic of silly jahari with a blanket over him!

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