Friday, August 14, 2009

goober's birthday and penguin parade

wednesday 8.12 was a double event at the zoo, although the only one recognized was the penguin parade. so first i must give a shout out to my goob and i did! when i went by to wish him happy bday, he gave a smile! i only wish i had seen a keeper in the days prior so i could have asked if i could bring him a special treat, cuz there didn't seem to be one :( i had an idea while standing there that i need to put forth to the staff. there should be a sign that can be placed at different enclosures on different days, that would make notice of the residents special day. no one's birthday should go unrecognized. it recognizes the residents and their place in the zoo family and its another way to get visitors more engaged with the zoo and its residents.

i haven't posted on the penguins yet, so this is the best spot to do so. this was my first penguin parade and it was as cute as can be! the "march" is when new babies are ready to move from school to the island and join their colony. i had a good spot on the path and the babies even stopped in front of me at one point, waiting for one who was trailing. once they got in the water the four seemed to stick together for the initial swim and explore, while the current residents stayed put on the island. there was one that joined them as i eventually saw five. everytime they swam by i said, "yea babies"! when one would pop its head up and look around, you can see how happy it was. ... watching the current residents for an extended amount of time while they were all waiting you can tell how much individual personality they have. my fav pic is of them looking like they are caroling! i may just have my xmas card!

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